O Alfredo é uma startup especializada em inteligência artificial que pretende revolucionar o mercado imobiliário através do desenvolvimento de tecnologias de big data e machine learning. Tem como objectivo central dotar os agentes que trabalham neste campo com ferramentas que lhes permitam actuar com rapidez, segurança e transparência.

Mudando o paradigma actual

O mercado imobiliário nacional caracteriza-se pela falta de transparência no acesso e tratamento de dados. Uma situação decorrente da dispersão e falta de estruturação da informação disponível, que tem pouca qualidade e que chega com atraso em relação às condições do mercado. …


First part of this series!

To make thiseyedoesnotexist I had to generate a dataset suitable for generative adversarial training. This meant I had to find a way to sort thousands of unlabeled images using an automatic unsupervised method. I didn’t know that in the beginning, but I discovered in the process. This story is a recipe for that procedure.

I like to use and create unique datasets so I can develop my intuition the fullest.

Since I had zero experience with generative adversarial networks, I thought I should document some problems I had to overcome.

Quoting Wikipedia: “A generative…

These eyes do not exist

All the images shown in this story are generated by a computer without user input. thiseyedoesnotexist.com

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to my girlfriend. She had to do a university assignment about a new and emerging machine learning technology which would be impactful in the future. She asked me:

What’s poppin in machine learning right now?

I couldn’t think of anything else that was visual enough so I said:

Actually, there is this cool new thing called generative adversarial networks

My head started going a thousand miles — “how the hell am I going to explain this…

During these last months I spent a lot of my time building and assembling my own entry-level HFT system for cryptocurrencies. Since I had been studying machine learning applied to finance for quite some time, and had tried to figure out how would that work out in the real world I decided to REALLY go down the rabbit hole. I’m doing this for information purposes since there are not many resources on the internet. I hope to tell you some pitfalls you might encounter if you are trying something similar. I will try to make it interesting (and philosophical) while…

MNIST is a classical Machine Learning dataset. Imagine the following scenario:

Figure 1 - Alien who cannot understand human handwritten digits images

You are an alien who doesn’t understand human culture and for some reason managed to acquire all the images from the handwritten digit dataset (MNIST). Since you are an alien and you don’t know what the concept of a human number is, or what their corresponding symbols would look like, just by analyzing the images data, you had to guess how many different symbols (numbers) there were (and if possible generate new representations instead of just copying the ones you already had). …

Gonçalo Abreu

Co-Founder at Alfredo AI

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